Tuesday, 15 June 2010

swinging and cats

went to see the little madam [lottie] the other day.
the park bit of the farm is finally being set up,the fencing,special bouncy ground stuff has been laid down and the awesome swings have been built.

am not able to use normal swings,because of being unable to hold self up on them [usually tipping off it backwards,probably because find it very difficult to sense self/body],so think these swing seats for children or adults with disabilities is an awesome addon to any garden,wish it was our garden [only the kids side have got one because of the cost of the bouncy ground stuff] but whatever.
first got to try one of these out at a mencap day centre,but theirs were fully adapted for adults only-they were harnessed and padded,and at adult height off the ground.

was sat trying to swing on the ground and hold onto a frapachino at the same time,mostly impossible because the swings are at kiddie height.
then the little madam came running, she jumped up on knee partly and wanted a lift up-never known a lazier cat apart from biscuit,it must be a tortishell thing-she laid down straight away,purring,dribbling and sticking her crotch up at the camera,she likes gentle rocking-just as well as its all we coud manage at that height from the ground.

went to see her today again,and she was doing a lot of sunbathing, think we might have done some swinging again but cant remember.

am going to ask dad if can get one of these swings [a single set] put in at his garden to use at the weekend,as its huge and we only need the soft bouncy stuff at home/here because of health and safety rules, bet he will whinge about it wrecking his turf,will just show him the hand controls can get for it so feet dont have to be involved-any excuse.

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