Thursday, 24 June 2010

riding stuff

was at horse riding [usual RDA place] this week again,on jas as usual.
due to a meltdown,and possiblyl a mild seizure [no idea,as went out of it quickly],had gone to sleep quickly afterwards,and a whole team at the school were having to hold self on,as woud have fell off otherwise.
legs had become partly paralysed,but managed to recover enough to carry on lesson,am always on lead rein due to risks-such as these,so it didnt matter that legs were gone,have developed a awesome skill anyway known as seat aids,which are especially good for those with limited leg use,as the horse can be controlled through the seat,am able to start/stop jasmine through this.
they were so much more helpful than usual,and really do not want to leave if can expect this understanding, and help when needed.
am still going to go to the new riding school,but just never even dare think of leaving current school in future,but do need access to a indoor riding school as well,due to the sensory issues have got.
have gotten a new school polo top as well [will get picture of it tomorrow].

went for another visit to the new riding school this week,had a look in the indoor arena today,and the cafe where are able to watch the indoor riding from.
they sell a lot of things with pictures of their horses on,so straigt away bought one of shannon [thats the horse will be riding when go there,
will get a picture of the magnet photo tomorrow],the indoor school had a load of birds flying about in and a black cat stalking them.

for a mainstream school they definitely are accepting,though one staff did have some sort of thingy,over the problem with dogs barking,as they said the farm dogs are security and cant be locked away-turns out they dont bark randomly anyway,only buster does but his owner wasnt there that day.

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