Monday, 28 June 2010

shaving tiem for biscuit

here she is pictured recently in hot weather,the sheat next to her head is a bed sheat cross anti fly sheet to spread over her and the chair as she is very noise sensitive,and the flies seem to have a thing about going straight for her all the time.

she was extremely hot in the sun at the weekend,so much that she was lying flat squashed to the ground,all her legs spread out,her tiredness level was very high more than usual,and she was not coping.
so have decided to get her clipped.

got up the details of the lady that had come come to visit sam and give her reiki when she had cancer,she is an ex RSPCA officer and her main job at her shop is clipping cats and dogs,so shes either going to do a home visit or hes going to bring biscuit there,am going to pay for it-he woud never bother doing such a thing,for anything that isnt to do with serious illness/injury.

the thing is,if they ever start diagnosing autism in cats like they do with other human stuff already [OCD,epilepsy,dementia...], biscuit is probably first in line,as she is an autistic cat,everyone says it.
no idea how they will manage getting her clipped due to her sensory issues with touch and sound.
dad can only groom her with a american brush designed for grooming hating kitties,called the kong zoom groom,as it doesnt give her light pressure,it massages her,but she will only allow it around her sides and back and tail for so long,she wont even allow her belly fur to be touched,or her neck ruff thingy.

cant use fans to cool her,even mild kitty fans as she hates the feeling of wind on her [doesnt mind allowing it to come out of her though].
so she definitely needs shaving,it means she wont be able to use her fluff as an excuse for her flab [poor cat is on diet biscuits already].

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