Thursday, 5 May 2011

tortie web browser- pre alpha stage

yep,got another program on the way,though will probably spend a lot longer on it in pre alpha stages than had done with tom cat PV.

the tortie web browser is,again-cat themed,with a cat icon [which may change at this point to a different icon] and will be especially aimed at cat enthusiasts with lots of kitteh sites built in for ease of use,and perhaps more kitteh functions depending on whether can think of any.
a bit like mark webbers HF browser probably,not got that far ahead yet.

hoping to have some sort of adblocker built in,but might not be possible given all the disability issues have got with programming,will keep looking for ways around it if so,as adblocker shoud be standard now days.

tortie WB has not been compiled yet,its running only in VBs debug mode,but have got a few screenshots of it starting to take shape,so hope anyone who sees it doesnt find their eyes to offended by it.

-here is the browser after testing a website in it for the first time,but before had added a address bar/buttons,plus size isnt right either.

here is the browser on full expanded size,bottom part of it was looking to wide so have adjusted it,still showing with no internet surfing functions.

finally,here it is with a highlighted address bar and a go button,plus have customised the sizes a bit more including the bar at the bottom so it isnt so thick.

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