Saturday, 21 May 2011

more fox troubles

we have had yet more fox trouble again,this time at the farm.
this week,foxes had managed to dig under well proofed chicken areas and destroyed all the poor chickens,cockrels and ducks-we only have one chicken left from what was told.
we had quite rare breeds of chuck as well like white silkies and weird spotted breeds,so it was horrible to find this out,it also means henny cannot have any cage mates brought down to her anymore because there arent the chickens to do it with!

however,because of what has happened,we are now going to grow some chucks from egg,we have an incubator,and eggs are being bought from a farmers market,luckily have been asked to do it which is awesome as itll be like having a pet and if we get any chavs pissing about out the front we have always got something to throw at them [joking of course].
have got to get some video of them so the kids and anyone else intrested can check out what its like to go from egg to fluffy chick.

cant wait,and hope we can have some for poor henny because she loves being around others and woud get on a lot better with some youngsters to teach and command.

just found the photo one of our silkies on dads pc:
^theyre awesome chickens,woud call them poodle birds as they look like poodles,the cockrels are fucking noisy though.

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