Thursday, 26 May 2011

kitteh matters

goldie,as in this little itteh bitteh kitteh here:
has recently started taking up riding lessons,she is a natural of course though she is always in the same position and never moves off the bed.

-had started taking down a synthetic fleece bareback pad every weekend when at mums to use as a seat as it doesnt get used for riding anyway-use a much better one for that at the riding school [a dutch imported christian lammfelle bareback pad-real sheep skin/fleece].

goldie seems to attach herself to anything that have been bringing down of late-like a tote bag or whatever they call them which says we love cats on,thats hers now-had to leave it there because she made it feel like a crime to move her plus she woud have shredded arms off,then she tried to claim the entire rucksack am bringing down every weekend with stuff in-its a big hiking rucksack;she clamps herself to it even if its tilted to say its hers.
fucking hell she thinks she owns everything.

anyway ,here are the action shots of goldiepants and the saddle in action,she is lying on mums/dads new bed which is in the computer room due to dad being a lazy arse and never having finished the DIY on their bedroom:

and on a different kitteh topic,dad phoned staff tonight,have found out that one of sisters kittehs,her now fully grown kitten to sandy had had an emergency operation today to get stones of some sort cut out and they are now being sent for biopsy,not sure what but will probably find out on saturday,poor girl has got one of those lampshade collars on tonight and cannot run under sisters/bro in laws bed and hide from humans when any come in now because she headbutts it with her collar on.

this is ruby,or rubelcubes as she is also known:

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