Sunday, 8 May 2011

a niece visit this evening

had a visit from the little one this afternoon[?]/evening,she came with her ma and pa of course she is to young to drive yet.

orla has grown a lot,and also lost a lot of hair,sister said it was due to hormones as she was only full of hair when born due to sisters hormones being passed onto her,but now they are running down orla is going to be making them for herself.

sister took some photos of self holding orla and orlas pa and grandpa had got some ones of her posing on the grandpas SLR,but he gets territorial over the camera and refused to let anyone else put the photos on-he takes weeks to do it himself,got some amazing poses of her on it.

no matter,here are some of us today from the camcorder,obviously shitty quality as per usual: she looks like she is screaming here but she is just yawning, otherwise woudnt be sat there looking at peace with her,that big mouth will do her well at an eating competition and future dentist visits for cavities from finding all the chocolate sis has.

looking like she has her thumb up,one of the many hand signs she does,her favourite is actually flipping the backwards middle finger up at people; or the backwards V sign as well as some gang sign,god knows where she got it all from,must be heriditary.

looks like she is waving at the ceiling here,she was knackered and calming down after feeding time which always pisses her off when the bottle gets taken away.

this is orlas gang sign,if anyone wants to join her gang they got to be in wid da kewl kids,nuff said.

here is an innocent looking one to end on,she was going to start a hissy fit because she wanted the bottle,so began rocking her in the style that comforts self but at a much milder pace,calmed her down immediately,definitely going to buy her some sensory stuff from ROMPA when she is older.

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