Saturday, 7 May 2011

a new build of tom cat picture viewer released

have been working on the original version,to make it better and get rid of this pissing boredom.

some new changes/features are/is-

#a splash screen,which will nicely welcome users to the program upon opening,except the splash screen is wrong at the moment,it keeps applying the generic name and copyright text when am trying to code it differently.
fuck it will sort it out tomorrow.

#the GUI now features a pale blue colour,the buttons a different shade of pale blue,will add new buttons at some point these are just generic.
and the icon is the same cat in the splash screen.

so here is the tom cat PV: version B build,if anyone wants to have a try-itd be awesome if people actually do-huge thanks to those who have downloaded the previous build by the way!!
download from:
-note it is a pre published build,so it cant install,and it still has the .NET framework four dependencies,so if get any runtime errors just update the framework:
it allows backwards compatibility with anything made in older frameworks by the way.

heres the multi anti virus scan for the paranoids:

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