Friday, 13 May 2011

awesome day out

had wrote this the other day but for some reason have come on to find it deleted.

had an awesome day this week with everyone.
on tuesday we went to the royal estate chatsworth park in cheshire and had a walk up to the woodlands.
leg was being spazzy and causing a lot of pain through that as usual so had come back down to flat ground with staff whilst everyone else carried on up the hill with the other staffs.

luck woud have it,had found out the international horse trials were being held there that weekend,and they were laying the eventing [cross country] course when we arrived,so had took a lot of video of the course,uploaded one of them to youtube:
the international horse trials attracts major riders like pippa funnell and royal riders like zara phillips,its a huge event,they were sold out of tickets ages ago.

we also came across some very unusual looking chickens-colourful with fluffy trousers on,took loads of photos and video of course:
had to be one of a chickens arse:

then there were the buildings,took some photos of those.
had taken a photo of this one because it reminded of the computer game; assassins creed where they had a buildings like that to leap off.

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