Friday, 6 May 2011

current wislist for tortie web browser

just a quick post to write down the current wishlist for tortie,it will all be added to the able to do it,not sure how complex the code is at the moment.

  • cookies/history to allow users previously used websites to show up and to save passwords.
  • tabbed browsing,to make browsing easier.
  • a section of helpful and useful websites for cat owners internationally,as well as some humour cat sites to.some sites will be health related, information on how to get free or reduced cost vet treatment for example,catster will be the default site it goes to but it will be changeable.
  • a status bar thingy at the bottom of the browser,which says the current webpage that is loading-or if indeed it isnt-all the browsers have this.
  • a custom application icon.

and will look into the possibility of a making embedded/included chat client,or IRC client.

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