Saturday, 28 May 2011

managed to make linux do a BSoD [black screen of death]

had recently installed the latest kubuntu netbook edition on the laptop as a dual boot with win doze seven.
have been using linux since the millenium and had never crashed the actual distros [beyond trashing the hard drive with one at the start of course and pissing about with blender three d which crashed SuSE back then].
have been slowly getting around a few issues with it,it wasnt compiling source code or finding any programs; in fact it wasnt even recognising all the needed commands like apt-get and make.
hadnt realised these werent installed by default like they have been in previous distros have used ,so installed them last night along with a load of other updates.
still having a number of installing issues though,hoping to try it here at dads today might work as our internet has been fucked all week.

anyway,back to the actual crash,last night during updating these files;it suddenly went to a black screen and mouse icon woudnt move,got some photos of it with the camcorder:

-the code kind of makes it sound like it might be something to do with sleep/hibernation mode as can remember this being buggy the last time had used linux but just making a guess got no idea.

the only internet browser have got installed at the moment [due to the issues] is rekonq and that has been behaving a bit buggy to,crashed quite a few times.

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