Monday, 17 February 2014

attenting a ATOS demonstration

am going to a demonstration against ATOS this month.
ATOS are the bunch of wannabe doctors who assess people for UK sickness and disability benefits, they get comission for finding people fit for work so they have turned benefits into a competitive market.
they have no understanding of complex conditions-learning,developmental,mental,physical, neurological etc,their assessment software is basic tick box stuff and it only applies to simple conditions so very few people get a truly fair assessment.

being a long time service user of residential care have luckily not come across this specific beast yet apart from when they denied the high rate mobility of DLA,saying over and over that high rate mobility is only for severely physicaly disabled people;denying the criteria that states' severe mental impairment with severe behavioral difficulties' and denying the fact was living with a number of people who claimed high rate mobility on that criteria,it took a lot of fucking around by support staff and a tribunal with a pissed off panel who said they cant believe we were strung along and it shoud never have got that far.

know plenty of fellow disabled people who have done including autistics and its absolutely disgusting the treatment they have faced.

for those who are unfamiliar with ATOS,have a read through these-

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