Saturday, 8 February 2014

happy nappy time

just before had got sectioned in greenways learning disability A&T hospital,was due to have the latest batch of nappies ordered on prescription.
however,as we all know of life;things arent ever go that easy.

the incontinence team refused to send another batch out because was out of area in macclesfield- though it isnt that far from manchester,but thats how they roll aparently.
they refused to deliver them to the new permenent placement of mine or to mums and dads because they knew they woud be coming to greenways.
its ridiculous as every other out of area patient had no trouble with their incontinence team sending on the nappies.

so for the past four months,have been spending a shit ton of money on boots own slip nappies, many a time had ran out and because of the fact was being detained under the law was unable to always get out to get any and had to borrow off other patients,sometimes had had no protection and was spending the whole day changing and having to wipe up wherever was sitting.

but today,over four months later;marks the end of that,they have finaly delivered the batch of nappies and am very very pleased as it means will have money saved to spend on other things needed now.
heres a photo of them,am having to keep them in the bath [which doesnt get used as am not able to tolerate water on anywhere apart from head]

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