Saturday, 22 February 2014

trafford centre visit again,no challenging behavior

went to the trafford centre this week again and had NO challenging behavior incidents,so am proving to staff am perfectly capable of going there without kicking off and it was staff fault/miscommunication that resulted in the big incident there.

anyway,this week,was there to buy a toy from hamleys for self because had finaly got some wages through that am owed from doing the service user panel interviews at greenways LD assessment & treatment hospital,am a huge thomas the tank fan and bought this little beauty;

that wasnt the only thing there that got to handle,there was a reptile group there doing an attraction allowing kids to handle the snakes however was allowed to join in to and held them;theyre amazingly sensory and they were gorgeous to-am a huge snake fan and woud love to have a pet snake.

playing with the orange snake.

                  kissing the head of the darker snake whilst pampering the orange snake.

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