Thursday, 27 February 2014

chicken time

yesterday had finaly got to go and see the beautiful chickens of mine; harriet,temple,lorna,jim jims, dexter and kanner at the farm that belongs to the last residential home of mine.
had missed them so much,the last time had seen them was before getting sectioned last september.

one call of lorna,and she comes running over waiting for a big hug,kanner loved his hug,harriet got into it after a shock of being picked up at the start and the others werent so sure,but heres some photos of them-

^snuggling up to cuddly harriet

^kanner having his hug,he doesnt like losing his manliness in front of his laydeez though,thats jim jims in the background-the dark blue chicken,she woudnt have a hug.

^mrs templeton,AKA temple,got hand tangled in her mucky leg feathers.

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