Saturday, 8 February 2014


had a big meltdown today,bigger than yesterday.
the staff/manager have said because had had a big meltdown in the trafford centre car park yesterday am not allowed to go to there or any shops ever again incase a member of public gets the wrong idea and phones the police,its the social workers decision.
part of routine is going to the TC once a week and going to shops to get food shopping throughout the week is part of routine as well.
they said staff will go to the local small shop to get anything that want,they stock hardly anything there and there also more expensive.

had not taken this news lightly and ended up trashing room,knocking self out on the wall head banging so theres a big bloody splatter left behind and barely functional hand from punching the walls and self.
how can anyone stop someone from going to a shop,its part of life? supported living is supposed to enable someone to have as normal life as possible whereas it just feels like there intent on controling as a sly punishment, em doesnt take control from anyone,have not eaten at all today because of it and dont intend to ever again,it was only until several years ago had not eaten any food for years and was surviving on shitty ensure plus liquid feed,fighting against feeling controlled is a big issue for self.

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