Saturday, 15 February 2014

social worker has applied for funding for special college

have been offered a place in post twenty five education at the special college; the david lewis centre-
all that needs doing now to seel the deal is to get the funding in place.
for those who arent aware of special colleges,these are like special schools but for adults-as with special schools they are for people who have significant disabilities that cannot be accomodated by mainstream colleges-have been refused placements on the special education courses at every mainstream college in the north west of england due to level of autism, ID and challenging behavior so more than qualify here.

most special colleges only have education for up to twenty five but the odd one has post twenty five education,a mate of mine that had met through being sectioned at greenways ID hospital is a student there so am just waiting to get the funding through.

am only wanting to do one day a week,and will be working with animals and reptiles,cant wait really looking forward to it!

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