Thursday, 27 February 2014

special college is one step closer

went for a visit to the david lewis centre this week straight from visiting the chickens which is why am looking really dirty,was not bothered but the support staff was with [a certain madam from traffords learning disability team] acted like she was having a heart attack over it-
its a special college for people who have complex intelectual disability with autism and epilepsy.
have had a tour and enrolled on their animal management course and will be doing two half days a week after a couple of trial runs.

the actual college is a huge campus;like the university campuses seen on american films, its spread across different buildings,its all private ground-they have their own roads leading up to it full of homes used by residential students of the college.

its pretty cool because am amongst many people who also wear a helmet on the course am doing.

its an hours drive from home but its a great day out,will be working with their chickens [yay], bearded dragons,snakes,rats,donkeys,ducks,hamsters etc and the course is also designed as therapy so its going to help in that way to.
one of the students there is an incredible chicken expert,this is why am so fed up of the attitudes towards those of us who have intelectual disability [known as learning disability in the UK],people think we arent able to have any skills or talents-we arent any different to them;we just have more limited mental capacities;in the same way some PCs have single core processors and why some have dual core or quad core processors,none are inferior;some just have more limitations than others.

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