Friday, 28 February 2014

birthday and thoughts for now

am now thirty years old,birthday was on monday this week,got some nice presents off friends of mine and family plus mum and dad are giving the money tomorow to get a new basket ball jersey and shorts-current set has been damaged by being put in the dryer.

though am getting better settled in to community care living, am suffering badly from flashbacks-have had them for years but very badly since last year amongst other smaller signs which all presents like PTSD,so am going to be asking the pysch about whether it coud be PTSD,the flashback attacks are all revolving around the neglect and abuse had suffered at home whilst growing up from mums alcoholism and dads physical abuse,plus the neglect and abuse in previous residential homes and the violent rough restraint carried out by the police in september and decmber-still suffering from severe back pain as a result of the restraining,not properly medicated due to the whole situation over medication wrongly being removed due to one consultants incompetence and self being under the mental capacity act.

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