Saturday, 15 February 2014

inclusion independance choice show, GMEX in manchester

did something different today, went to the inclusion independance choice show which was in the GMEX [it comes under another name now but am not arsed about that].
it was an expo on disability matters and services for disabled people in all forms,profesionals and so on.
had gone because had knew one of the staff who was working on the national autistic society stand and was told about the expo by her in the first place,it was great catching up with her as had not seen her since over four years ago when she fought to get so many things in place when living in abusive very badly run residential homes.

it was free to attend and was amazing.
they had lots of presentations on everything from support dogs opening a brand new specialist washing machine for owners of service dogs [although loved the dog;was a bit pissed off at the charity because they are the only one in the UK that trains support/assistance dogs and they do fund the training for autism but only for autistic children-plenty of adults who woud benefit].

was in heaven there,so many stands had got info from and goodies,plus bought some stuff as well.

the national autistic society was showcasing the social enterprise businesses of two of their service users-one of them makes cards [have had his cards off him before and still have them] and the other lad makes fudge for a living.
tried the fudge and it was amazing,absolutely beautiful-bought a big chunk of it, the national autistic society gave him a grant to have his own business and was personaly offered it by them as well back when living under fairfield residential-as was going to sell eggs but wasnt allowed any more chickens [the girls of mine only laid a few a day if that].

onto the mencap stand,and was told am suitable for a place at one of their specialist colleges and was given a prospectus-thought they might have had adult education on offer; but they didnt know was over the age limit of special college; twenty five, the uk government fucking suck they stopped funding of over twenty fives;some years ago,we are expected to either be high functioning by the time we get to twenty five or just access shitty government funded day centres.
mencap were great,was given a introduction to the college and everything they do and was given a free tote bag with goodies inside it including a mencap wrist band and a mencap engraved pendant.
theyre favourite charity of mine so am chuffed with that.

got a free dvd off motability,bought a sensory toy; the tangle junior off a special needs shop stall- its amazing,bought a helium ballon that is shaped like a chicken,it walks along like a chicken due to weighted feet on it as well,got loads of info on new wheelchairs as am looking into getting funding for a power chair as have got low muscle tone and struggle to push self in it when out;prefer to have the independance of moving self.

anyway had a great day there,and if anyone happens to see this and they are in manchester UK/can get to manchester,its on again tomorow in the same place,free again.
the tickets can be registered online and printed off or registered at the door,however today the system was down so they just took our names.
the website is:
heres some photos-

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