Saturday, 20 February 2010

Freedom with pullups

Have been after pullups for a long while now to get a bit more QoL,but due to having difficult toileting issues,neither previously recognised or understood at the time including by self to a level,they thought in last service that incontinence was the only weeing problem.
For self,it is sensory related,am not able to feel the need to go toilet until it's really forcing its way and if do not get to toilet in time 'it' doesn't mind as it'll make its own way out.

Have been with this residential service since start of december now,
and thanks to their understanding, had been given some freedom -they simply just make sure have got the pullups,and have proved wrong the old stereotypes that had been said about using pullups/pads by last service,it has given freedom,removed the thinking about accidentally wetting self/the clothes/anything sat on,still going to own toilet and using it-the pullups have done nothing but give more strength in knowing if something does happen-it happens,but now its just not 'happening' all over self.

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