Monday, 15 February 2010


Being a makaton user,it is sometimes very difficult if it is the only form of obvious communication on offer to self when fully non verbal,don't have quick-or no access to laptop or PDA [usually because batteries have ran out] and the person am trying to sign to will only respond to limited number of signs [eg,backwards 'peace' sign or just the one finger flipped up].
That is where PECS comes in.

Have now collected a huge pile of PECS pictures-most of which do not fit in this large PECS book [which not only has standard pages but also added ones,ones that have been adapted for the book,and also ones that have come from the smaller PECS book that had been using before it]:
Thanks to both the current autism service am in and NAS,they have made communication a lot less difficult,for self and staff,and am not having to spend ages messing about looking for one PEC in the bumbag anymore either-that is now gathering up dust.

The current autism service had also provided much better TEAACH/PECS time line/whatever service are in-wants to call them boards than what had used at home which did not have enough space for what was needed.

All spare PECS are kept in seperate mini sandwich type boxes,and have also got the alphabet in own style of finger sign,attached to

Have got a very snazzy looking horsey 'disability' bag to carry the lot in, had been in a small tack shop called bits and pieces one day grabbing everything in sight when had spotted a awesome small blue!! bag from shires 'buddies' range-it is now the official 'disability' bag, taking over from the recked n retired bear camo rucksack,it holds blue badge,PDA,ear defenders,all the non booked PECS,spare velcro,ear plugs,horse bix [pepper mint flavour,looks like small shredded wheats but is for horses and they like it a lot]...
Would always recommend trying PECS if self or child has got a need for it,it would not stop self or child from communicating in any other form it can have the opposite effect and make want to communicate.

One of the big issues have got with PECS is it is not very accessible to the individual autist or parent of autist,the major programs for making own PECS,such as the board maker series [screenshot of boardmaker]:Are perfect for individuals and not too difficult to use once have learnt how it works,but they price us lot out by charging at what only organisations/charities/clubs/schools etc can afford.

And SALTs take too long sorting PECS needs out,if they even get that far,had gave up waiting for P/books from own SALT and used several small PECS books owned by the organisation instead-with a belt in one for a strap and a technics lanyard for the other-
until...had been given the large blue one near new year.

Why isn't PECS software a part of open source now,are there no programmers who can see the point of it,or maybe have PECS using family instead?
Heres hoping it catches up with text to speech,speech to text and screen readers in open source in the near future!

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