Sunday, 14 February 2010

Disability rants

Others who happen to be reading this,may or may not feel they cannot relate or agree with what am saying but there is a few things that that have noticed coming back up again,like unwanted cat spew-they have always been something have noticed,but again-they are appearing in force because of the current thing people have over those of us on disability and disability/long term illness unable to work related benefits [did that make sense?].

Does anyone else recognise and spot the ignorance in these:
-are not disabled or a genuine claimer for disability benefits and unable to work unless are more disabled than stephen hawking].
-[enter a relatives name here] is a full time wheel chair user and works so if they can do it,it means everyone who isnt a wheel chair user are frauding DLA.
-people who can do physically demanding activities do not or should not be getting HRM of DLA,at the least they should not be getting any disability benefits because there is plenty of work for them to do,and access is easy for them.
-HRM is for people with physical disability disabilities,LRM is for people with mental health disabilities [or something like that].
and completely non benefits related:
-Autism is a mental illness/comes under mental health.
-People with severe autism cannot change or improve,they especially cannot communicate or use forums/blogs/internet and have severe intellectual impairment.
-People with profound autism have no skills at all and should be seen as complete burdens rather than having no ability to learn.
-People with autism at any level or form-cannot change.
-People with autism dont have humour,if they do,they're not really autistic-or are very mildly autistic.

Most of the first group based around benefits have one thing in common,in that they are about physical disability,whilst completely ignoring the rest of the spectrum.

As one of many on HRM under non physical criteria [indefinite award],am not understanding why many-including disabled people either have no idea,forget or dont seem to care that they are affecting us when they pass it on that HRM is only for severe physicals,and not for 'mentals' [under DLA they section under one or the other]-and LRM is for mentals and mild physicals.
Even the benefits staff can be the same,as those who have experienced it or know what have written about it here in own situation will understand.
Those of us on it under non physical criteria have to have very severe getting around/mobility issues in other ways,that can be life threatening without restraint or physical support,as well as being a lot more difficult to get accomodated and supported than basic physical disability-as places understand to put ramps,lifts,handrails and hearing aid loops in,and for those who really do care-tactile directing/information for VIs,but they do not think of how to make them accessible for non physically disabled people,many of us cannot
use a lot,most or none at all places- for some because of access problems.
HRM and having a car or motability car gives us some quality of life and freedom as public transport can be a no go to us as well as to some severely physically disabled people but for different reasons.

Those who see a able bodied looking person jumping out of a blue badge owning car running into a building/place need to stop and think,could this be a support staff/carer who does the driving,or someone with a severe variable condition where they may be unable to even walk on the way back,could this person be someone on HRM
for non physical reasons [eg,will not be the driver usually]...

And autism....
-Autism/ASD is not a mental illness,and does not come under the mental health spectrum,it is still not attached to any one cause and probably wont ever be,but the common belief is neuro.
The 'mental impairment' part of DLA is not just meaning mental illness/mental health,it means disabilities that affect someones thinking.

-Severe autism is a spectrum,it is not just the most extreme experience-and usually what people think they are calling severe autism is profound autism.
With the support early on and in adult age-we do change,and can change very well depending on the skill and the person,as well as their level of mental impairment which can range from minimal to profound-not all of us are the traditional/oldskool idea of LF.
People who assume are unable to use a computer/interact on a blog/forum/whatever,unable to communicate have not been around enough severely autistic people to know how different it is in everyone.

The NAS here has managed to teach profoundly autistic people to use computers and understand words to use them for communicating.
Other profoundly autistic adult service users at the same centre even use board games to communicate and interact with support staff so never doubt someone with autism and their ability to change, regardless of level.
The best thing can give us [autists at any level] from a young age is support,strength,hope and belief in us.

-Humour is a big part of the spectrum but its usually missed because people think not being able to understand humour and not telling jokes is the same thing as not having a humour.
Some autists may not have a humour but it is not a way to judge level of autism,as it differs no matter the severity.

Am not able to understand others humour,and dont do jokes but had once been told by a support staff--if had removed all the obvious barriers to doing this,would have been great at the frogtastic night,[at the frog and bucket comedy club in manchester--frogtastic is a comedy night every month for adults with learning disabilities], am often told that am making people wet themselves due to laughing, and have got a huge humour,but am never trying to make people laugh,never notice it and neither care,in fact sometimes have found it
to be not nice because when some people are constantly set off,they say to stop it-but stop what,am not doing anything?

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