Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cluckin awesome

Meet our beautiful girls-Henny,Penny and Ethel:
They come from a charity that rehomes ex battery chucks [eg-the ones that are stuck in tiny cages to live a life of egg laying and plucking each others feathers out],and they are amongst some of the most spoilt ex battery chuck chucks will ever meet,they also live in the garden and not at the farm so am able to see them every day!

Though a lot of us here have Pica [the chewing/eating of non food items]-in own case there are not many items on the list,but others have 'poo' on theirs so the chucks are not allowed to wander the garden often incase it's eaten-their run has been built extra big to make sure they're ok.

their favourite treat is grated cheese,and sometimes peas.
Sometime ago,after the girls had not layed eggs for along time [according to dad/an ex farmer-this is common in winter but not as little as they layd],had found out about meal worms as a chicken side-fud,so had bought a tub of dried ones for them which afew days later they were laying piles of eggs:
-have seen some really violent scenes on the likes of youtube,toxic junction and ync before,but they are just a bunch of elderly grandmas slapping each other with their handbags when compared to Henny,Penny and Ethel at meal worm feeding time,they cannot get enough of them!

Am best friends with them now,am spotted from a long way away though think it has more to do with the pot of meal worms being carried.

They won't allow anyone to pick them up,because of their experiences as battery girls but they are great to be around,and would recommend them as pets to Autists who have the garden space [girls only otherwise will get neighbours complaining about the noise the boys make] or to parents of autists who want a pet for their child but think there's a risk with their childs behavior affecting an indoor pet-a lot of the children here [respite and live in] like the chucks just as much as self as they haven't been accomodated in towns as pets until now.

trying to get dad to get some now in his garden,mums in on it and is trying to turn him to the ways of the chicken to [is only thinking of the eggs].

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