Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tack shops and plus size models that don't eat toilet roll

Today,had finally managed to do what had been the unthinkable till now.
Am not talking about a skill or learning something-but getting hold of some Breyer models which have been asking to get every day since november last year,but for some reason had not been taken to get them.

Had originally thought it was a trip to Robinsons needed back then,
but as many Robinsons [the wigan one] goers will no-they are useless for breyer.
Then had been told about the far far better 'estate supplies' store in Ashley/Cheshire,the staff are extremely patient and also understanding of needs including sensory-had got similar treatment from staff at robinsons but not all,and unlike Robinsons there is no stairs involved.

There is no disabled parking which can be a problem for self, though regular parking is at the door anyway,and the parking is bayless as its a working farm-so autists who need the extra space for restraint and support,and keeping distance because of sensory issues with neighbouring cars,'wheelies','wobblies',and anyone else with a BB who may need the wider spacing should be able to get parked easy enough,it fits the mini bus as well,unlike the disabled parking at wigan-robinsons which has small and tight dis.bays.

Enough about parking...
So was in the store-and again,had wanted to take the lot home,it's such an awesome shop,the best shop ever,and they always have the stuff in stock,unlike the small tack shops like bits & pieces where have to order stuff a lot of the time [even so little as a packet of horse bix is often out of stock because they struggle to get enough off their suppliers from what they told us].

In estate supplies,after checking out the horsey gear,had ran to the Breyer section,and grabbed a couple of them:
[that one is a largeish pinto].
^had grabbed this one because it looks the most like Jasmine have seen so far of the breyer range,it is very large,if anyone knows of any dark brown/black and white fat n cobby breyers that are not yet retired-please email the name!

it is a american paint horse-jas is a dark skewbald cob and she is also fat and would never see her galloping unless a haynet on a stick was held over her which is the stance that the model is in,but it is the closest one to her have seen so far.
it is even so detailed to the colouring it even has a wall eye.
And another thing as well-this one is in the limited edition range and these ones get retired quick[think this one is retired from what breyer says but luckily E/S have old and new in.

And next week or this week depending when sister gives it,am getting a large breyer called Striker [for birthday]-this is the one that has been made to support the RDA,Striker is a real palimino that works for the RDA and won the competition to be picked as the face of RDA.

Am more a fan of coloureds [skewbald/piebald] but being an RDA member and rider,the main reason had chose Striker was to support the RDA as well as get the model.

If have managed to read down to here-here's a photo of them and where they now stand-it's a temperary squashed up position because am slowly going to be moving the old cards in there and taking them down so can use the whole shelf for breyers.
They are being kept between the outer double glazing,and the sound proofing window to make sure they do not get smashed.

Would extremely recommend breyers to anyone who likes horses,
children or adult it doesnt matter.

Would also recommend parents taking their autistic kids to estate supplies if they are into horses,and are looking for things to do as it doesn't get as busy as robinsons does because it's in the countryside and not well known.
they sell other country/farm related stuff such as clothing,and doggy stuff,so parents may find something they are interested in getting to.

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