Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A random point for today

Here's a random one for anyone who is HI/HoH [=hearing impaired/hard of hearing],as long as have got a mild level of HI- and would prefer people to speak louder,get a pair of weak ear defenders,
B and Q have these-the brighter the colour-the better.
Next,put on the ear defenders,can put the cups slightly behind the ear or in front if it takes away too much hearing-it usually works like this.

It will depend on the person but should start to get a strong improvement in volume in the persons voice.
For some reason,people automatically assume are either fully deaf-or
listening to music when wearing ear defenders even though there are no cables and look nothing like headphones so they turn up their own volume when speaking [not so good if are actually the extreme opposite to being HoH].
Ear defenders can be replaced with large cup headphones,as it should work the same.

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