Monday, 15 February 2010


Lately have been having a difficult time-result has been more built up concussion,head injury,fucked up vision,jaw locking in place constantly, increasing tinnitus,and making communicative /interactive strength almost non existant especially in terms of online back forth chat [foruming].
So being told anything good has been very welcome.
Today,have been told a complete surprise,from the services' owner [via manager and support staff] which has given some ammo for distraction.

They have said,am allowed to have a pet tortoise in bedroom in their tank/cage,there is no allergy issues with them and residents/staff.
they already have the tortoise-the homes builder/DIY guy has got him and all the gear and will be getting him this week or next week.
And this is not instead of the kitty at the farm,am allowed to still have her as well.
Have asked for a shetland pony stabled in own semi wetroom here but they have said no to that,think might have rushed that one too quick.

As soon as Mr Whippy [he's having that name now,as long as its a he] arrives will get some photos up.

And birthday is coming up next week,will be going horse riding with Jas as usual as it is on the same day as birthday,but will be driving straight to blackpool afterwards with usual staff [one=horsey lady, other lady=finds pie shops or chippies on the way like a human sat nav].

Sister is getting a large breyer horse model as a present [the one made
to support the RDA],hope to be buying some other breyers as well this week or next from estate supplies as they've got quite a few that look like jas,without most of the fat,piss stains or long fringe.

think mum and dad are going to get breyers to but no idea how they're going to get down to estate supplies.

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