Wednesday, 24 February 2010

next in line to john whitaker?

Today,am twenty six years old [birthday].
was supposed to be going blackpool straight after riding but that was changed because a staff left without notice last week who was due in today,and needed two staff to go with self,so there was no one extra able to cover at home for the lads today.
they were able to get in a staff that sometimes works with self as driver,from another of their homes,and also went with same other lady that go with-the usual starbucks first then riding.

got on jasmine.
was using the same bareback pad,and no stirrups [not ready for changing to the adapted stuff yet].
for the first time ever,they put up some large blocks for making jumps with,and RI also took lead rein off but stood in same place,so was controlling Jasmine a bit more,also had the usual nice helper on one side [stupidly can never remember her name],and the yard owners daughter had come out to be on the other,Jasmine coudnt wait to get on and started cantering [another first for self and probably Jasmine],straight up and over them.
Own balance was perfect,being a stirrupless,almost bareback rider helps so much in that way and woud recommend it to anyone with the
ability to.

And if the awesome lesson wasnt enough,was given a trophy at the end of it by RI,M/Nook is an awesome RDA riding school [have said this many times before but currently trying to build up support to get as much funding as possible for a much needed indoor school], its both the best RDA have ever been to,and the best riding school overall.
YOs daughter said to bring her the camcorder next time and she'll film the jumping,so watch this space!

if get very good at this,woud like to do small novice jump shows for RDA,but think it woud be impossible due to sound levels.

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