Tuesday, 23 February 2010

why its hard to get a space in supermarket disabled parking

Today am able to reveal why there is a shortage of disabled bays in supermarket parking,don't listen to those [anti everything for disabled people if it uses public funding] pillocks who wrote that recent daily mail online/in newspaper[?] story about there being too many disabled bays taking over innocent normies' spaces [the whole thing had more shit in it than dads garden].

Today,was at sainsburys by proxy for a few bits-pullups,big pack of chewing gum,packs of redbull [staff sneakily picked up the sugar free one probably thinking woudnt notice the difference between navy and light blue],a mocha x caramel frapachino from the starbucks part,and wanted to get presents for the staff to as like them alot-a chicken and mushroom pie for one,and chocolate for other.

thats the shopping list out of the way, before staff had even stepped into sainsburys,pulling into the packed disabled bay section [one bay left out of a long line],it also happened to be next to a modern farmerish type car with hand controls.
And there,sat in infront of controls and wheel,was a little goggie,had taken some photos of him [click picture to make it bigger]:

So,there it is,no longer is our parking the playground of the daily mails 'innocent normies' without blue badges,it is being taken over by goggies,obviously using hand controls because they cant reach the peddles.
Goggies do not have pockets so this limits them in actually going in to pay for their eukanuba,they likely have a human slave to do that for them.

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