Tuesday, 16 February 2010

lip reading and being too honest

Am not very good at it,but had enough understanding of it to work out a little the other day...

Was sat in room with a support staff,going through morning routine when another support staff came in and said to other support staff without using voice-'the keys are in the fridge'.

Now to someone who doesn't know,they may think its just a load of crap that have lip read wrong,but have got a habit of stealing keys and pens and putting them all in the same corner lined up the same way [this being where always get caught out as everyone knows where to look,but am not doing it for trickery],so they are kept in places that am unable to unlock,except he doesn't seem to realise staff have ripped off the lock things on the fridge now anyway.

So....in walks he..head had been focused where his mouth now moved,every word he said was clear and so obvious,they both wondered why had become uncontrollable with laughing,until giving it away about being able to lip read.
Its times like this,wish was not so honest,had ended up pointing out an extra can of redbull had nicked in a different bag after coming back on sunday,as am not allowed fizzy drinks after evening,so had to say good bye to can.
But then,got it back with extra today,when redbull/coke cubord was left unlocked this morning,had ran in,grabbed a few and stashed them in bedroom,staff came in with another redbull that will always have with morning medication.
Such good outcome didnt last as they spotted the empty remains of one and said have used both redbulls that am allowed per day already now.

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