Thursday, 18 February 2010

Meet some friends

Non autism related,but these photos were taken yesterday,when had been to see some buddies, legs were paralysed at the time from a meltdown x seizure on the way to ride jasmine,so was not able to get out of the minibus to give them their rubs and a horsebix.

They are owned by gypsies and are in a mess-they do not get rugged in the winter,or sprayed with anti fly stuff in summer,their fields are even worse,the RSPCA has been out with an independant vet often to see them having been reported by the locals,but refuse to do anything because they say they are not 'suffering' and the state of the fields is upto the untraceable field owners to sort it out and not the gypsies who just loan it,surely even if that is true-is no excuse for leaving own horse in such a state,unrugged,unshod,eating ragwort and rubbish, and getting cut up by barb wire fences?

Now onto the girls:

Have known most of them since they were babies,the black and chestnut horses have got foals on the way,those get a bit more looked after than the rest as they have better owners.

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