Friday, 12 February 2010

A very very very late update

Have done a lot of stuff since last post.
In december,had finally moved into the new residential centre,have settled in quite well here though not fully because of the lasting effects of history in other homes/being moved around alot,and having to lose the NAS support staff though they remain best friends now.

It had affected eating again and for months was not eating anything ,was only getting the ensures,frapachinos,the usual drinks and that was it,but have slowly started to eat a little bit again at weekends when at mums/dads as routine had not changed there.
Haven't eaten anything here yet,but staff and managers are slowly trying to get self into the routine of it again.

Though it still is very bad,have had quite a big improvement in the hyperacusis thanks to being here,as before-was not able to cope with a TV being on low level nearby,but now am able to cope with it usually.

One thing staff had mentioned last night was have not ran off once whilst living here,and it's right-though have attempted it,it's a bit difficult anyway as the doors and windows are always locked,but am finally feeling settled with somewhere.

Have got a bigger PECS collection now,and dont use the bum bag anymore thanks to being given large and small PECS books to hold them in,and it's made a huge difference to communication-for both self and staff.

Have got the organisations copy of 'boardmaker' installed on laptop [though it wont work without the disc which can be hard getting hold of if its in the childrens building] so am able to get PECS for self whereas before it was relieing on NAS for them.
Have also been making own PECS due to boardmaker not always having what is needed,and will put them alltogether in another post incase anyone else would like to make use of them.

Due to social worker,appointee and managers working out that will not be able to afford to run the size of car needed [via motability] as it would seriously restrict everything else in life, and also because have got the use of the minibus and car here,have decided to go along with what they said and will not be getting the car.

And it finally happened,but am in the process of adopting a big fat long haired puss,who will be living on the farm [that is owned by the organisation owner]-she isnt a farm cat or ferral-she will be living in a residential building on the farm,and she has some funny communicative/ behavioral differences which so far has made her the longest staying cat at the sanctuary [eg,one of them is hissing to greet people,another is to smack humans with her paw when she's fed up with being stroked-don't blame her really].

Have got our own teacher here,who teaches us lifeskills,he is about to start teaching us an ASDAN course called towards independance:
the last time was in college was made to leave because of affecting the other students,and it was one of the units of this course that had been doing-so am really glad will be finally able to do it properly and finish.
Have done a similar ASDAN course before,completed it and did not miss one day off,though failed a lot of the units because it didn't go low enough.
But this one will be from home,which is awesome!
Have been told part of what will be doing is basic animal care-so will get to help out at the farm,something have wanted to do for a long time [well,with horses].
Had painted a picture of a skewbald shetland pony called Midnight that lives on the farm and the manager thought it was so good she framed it and put it up in the classroom [the farm is for the organisations service users],so have been encouraged a lot to show off this skill.

This year, will be going on holiday with support staff-for the first time since Bendrigg which was a long time ago.
There's a group holiday being planned for Bendrigg,but had backed out of that idea and am hoping to go on a localish RDA riding holiday instead.

As for riding,am still with Jasmine,but they are going to start changing the stirrupless saddle-from the bareback pad am used to to a treeless with bareback pad attached plus stirrups,as would like to start getting into jumping,they said have got perfect balance and that its the best riders who can do jumping stirrupless,to progress to that level-would need to use stirrups first and these cannot be used with the bareback pad.

Am not able to use english leather saddles for sensory reasons,so will be moving onto their requisite treeless saddle [thats robinsons brand] with the fleecey one on top,have wished they would make a adults/fat arse version of the synthetic very grippy safari cub saddle [the one that had first started riding with].
Doubt it will work anyway as the madam will just plow straight through the jumps like she does with the trotting poles,all she wants is to get back to her haynet.

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