Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tits,fannies and offending people

if are offended by words easily,please avoid this post as may get offended by it [if havent from the title already-nothing gets worser].

it's obvious,people use different words for different things,Autistic and/or LD/ID people may use certain words that others dont because of the difficulties around their impairment they have,often this may be attempted to be wiped out by SALTs,tutors,support staff and family because they think it's for offending-without going into it far enough why such words are used and not those more common with others.

In own case,as the title says-tits, and fannies [meaning the UK version not american] are some of own word useage-besides crotch,they are the words am able to fully understand for those parts,the words that others use are of no use to self no matter how many times they have been explained and repeated,like pronouns in a way they are an overload.

Support staff [ex and non ex] call theirs even more confusing words or words that are nothing to do with what they are replacing as they say they do not like mentioning it,eg-'flower','lady garden', 'tuppence'...
am only able to think of the staff who uses the word 'flower' for 'fanny' as a flower now-so she now has a flower PEC from board maker to describe her for putting up when she's in rather than a photo-the connection to her is then made very quick in that way.

And then there's the other word that gets people whinging to stop.
The blood that comes every month but not from an injury/illness,or as self usually calls it-'monthly blood'.
The common word used for it is 'period' ,to self,this word is a difficult one to get understanding from and am usually overloaded if attempt to process, have had it explained since the school years till now and it still makes no difference,'monthly blood' is easier to understand for self.

this can be 'too much' for other people who have feelings connected to words,as am often told by staff words like tits or fanny can make them feel bad so they prefer to use less obvious words,but what when these words are the ones that feel most grounded to process/understand and be of use to self [if that makes any sense]?

Not only that,it gets even worse when echolalia is involved.
As someone who's verbal speech is echolalic based,a lot of what has been picked up is the words that others automatically assume am
being challenging,offensive,trying to get some attention off them. etc with- when these are not even being processed in head,actual wording in echolalia means nothing to self,it also hasn't helped living and being schooled with people who use these words often as insults as their use becomes the standard meaning for all uses of it,family have been the worst [mum can go through the lot,especially when drunk] but they're also the first ones to tell those helping self to try and phase them out which will not work unless am doing it in free speech.

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