Wednesday, 7 November 2012

any disability bloggers reading this?

in the past week,have finaly caught up with everyone on blogger despite running TRA for years.
had never realised how to find the other blogs because there is no simple search nor understood how to modify this blog better.
although had originaly found some through other peoples favourite blog lists; it seemed to be the same old blogs-often from people who were long suspected of not being who they say they are or having what they say which makes it very difficult to read what people write.

anyway,so now have graduated the school of blog,am wondering if anyone wants their blog added to the list? woud like to find ones not just to add but also to read because so many are abandoned,please comment [once have turned that back on obviously,will not be able to comment without the function-thatd be like internet schizophrenia.].

cannot believe how many people have either left blogging or have turned their blogs on private,whats this about? please inform this very uninformed person thanks. :P


Ari said...

Like to read your writings. Some similar to me, interesting. Happy to be able to leave comment to say so.

Not write much as you. More pictures. But have journal too. If you like.

Been told making private is for avoiding embarrassment supposedly. Do not understand, seems silly.

Imi said...

Hi! I'm a blind blogger on: :) I love your blog :) I update regularly, but not specifically on blindness related topics (I post book reviews every Friday and regular documentary reviews). :) cheers :)