Wednesday, 14 November 2012

eggstra proud

one of the hens; lorna or temple laid their very first egg today; its the bar mitsva of chickenhood,one proud mum here.
its one of the rareist sights to see a fully formed normaly shaped clean egg like that from a chicken that has just started laying,the girls must be pros at this shit.

am going to use a needle to drain the egg,and use some sort of varnish to harden the egg shell;to keep it as a trophy sort of thing.
and staff are going to use the egg that comes out for scrambled egg for temple and lorna to eat [scrambled egg is a good boost for them].

tomorow [wendsday] isnt going to be good,am having to rehouse kanner and henny at the farm tomorow,fuck knows how we are going to sit an agressive cockrel on knee and a dementiad old hen who doesnt like other chickens whatsoever.
plus...we are taking hennys coop to,jaysus that thing wont fit in our minibus.

going to miss them both a lot even though will still see them sometimes, kanner was very calm tonight he enjoyed being held and walking around with him for the first time,dont know if he knows whats going on.

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