Saturday, 10 November 2012

the hazards of echolalia and being around mum

when brain decides to turn off non verbalism for part of each day,am purely echolalic and palilalic, anyones speech has been picked up but mums for some reason was always the worst for it.

unfortunately mum swears constantly and uses weird sayings all the time,the self and sister used to have a game called 'gobshite bingo' named after a favourite old swear word of mums-we had turned her overuse of sayings and swearing into a game,neither of us wun but it was funny.

tonight,she was outside the room trying to put trousers on and for some reason coudnt get them on,and besides boomer snoring and biscuit mewing in her sleep,there was loud grunting noises and..........

this is a ridiculous favourite of hers,and besides the fact am hoping she wasnt trying to stuff chipolatas/cumberlands down her pants, 'silly sausage' has been stuck in echolalia tonight,much to the fucked off ranting of a now totaly drunk mother [she hasnt touched the stuff for free months until the funeral this week,now she is necking the cheapest shitty gin from the bottle which makes her really agressive].

there was one time we were all in the lake district,near yorkshire and think it was at the edge of connisten lake? mum was ranting away with her sayings because of something or other and she called someone a 'silly sausage'.
in what sounds unbelievable; a yacht was driving? yachting? [whatever they call that stuff,havent got a clue]into the yacht parking bays with 'the silly sausage' painted on it.
had had a camera atthe time and took a photo of it but unfortunately have not been able to get hold of it, it was a sony cybershot which had been long smashed.

tesco value gin,dont do it kids!

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Socrates said...

I always avoid the Gin. Their vodka, on the other hand, is my one true love. *hugs* to you all.