Friday, 9 November 2012

seeing as many people see cats as their babies

well mine is wrapped up in the nieces baby blanket right now and her mammy is going to be giving out a bolloking when she finds out,will have to make sure to remind her she is a cat mother first and a human mother next- as all crazy cat ladies/men know,she seems to have furr-gotten that.

have been at mums since wensday because of the fact did not get to come at the weekend due to the funeral,its allso an excuse because dad recently upgraded his internet to virgins highest speed.

photo of biscuit currently snoring,stretching,mewing and wimpering next to em under the offending article-
its still dark & at some point in the morning or night right now so am on the laptop next to biscuit in bed.
there is space for another cat in there if anyone is wanting to throw theirs out of the house for pestering.

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