Monday, 26 November 2012

standing up to a bully

one of the lads am living with is a bully,he bullys the profoundly autistic lad and the profoundly autistic lady because they have very limited communication and dont know how to defend themselves.

if staff attention is not on him constantly and he has the chance he twists the lads ear until it bleeds because he starts shouting which gets staff to come in and sit with him.

he hits the lady if he isnt getting his own way,he will throw food at them to and generaly takes advantage of them alot.
because am not the type to watch bullying of those closest to self [having an alcoholic parent and lifelong severe bullying does that to a person],will step in and protect them however he is very sneaky and waits for the moment no one is in the room with them.

its awful on the staff because they have to be around him constantly to make sure he isnt bullying anyone,they have to get out of bed in the morning when its still dark as he gets up early and goes into the lads room to attack him purely because no one is up giving him attention and doing this gets staff up.

it is very wrong that a bully is allowed to stay in a residential home; especialy when there are people who cannot even fight back,and everyone knows this;theyre trying to get him moved to a place of his own.
the other point had started this for,am bullied by him to,no one likes to admit it though because they dont realise how damaging it is to self-it isnt physical or abuse; though have been sexualy abused by him several times before.
he knows am sent into severe information and sensory overload if he stands there in face shouting something over and over and over and over and over...its been so bad some times it has triggered seizures,am sent into shutdown mode from it and suffering from post overload symptoms when waking up.

he uses this as a way to bully and he will constantly do it through the day so am never coming out of bedroom if he is staying here or will only come out when he has gone, he thinks by doing what he does,am asleep and the attention then goes onto him but most staff will make him go and sit on his own if he does that.

today,had only just come out of bedroom for the first time and he started his shouting,he was staring directly while he did it;ended up punching him in the face and some fierce vocal noise came out of nowhere- it worked because he no longer does it...for now.
am more fucked off by the fact some staff [not manager,in case she is reading this and gets wrong idea] let him do it and when em react theyre babying him and making em the bad guy in this.
am not going to be anyones victim and if that means sticking up for self am going to do it.

one other thing to make,have started doing blog posts with an awesome blog client called blogilo,was never able to get it working ages ago but have found out how to set it up and now its working,dont know how to stop it makeing big spaces between sentances though,will have to work that one out,woud recommend having a look at blogilo,think its on windows to but am not sure,its for the KDE desktop environment but works with others to,installed KDE netbook version on mine at the weekend which is pretty awesome,doesnt look as nice but wasnt able to install full kde for some silly reason,this isnt a damn netbook but looks like one,will have to give full kde a go;with the plasma effect and everything.
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Quiet Contemplation said...

That is awful! I hope that guy gets moved to a more appropriate setting soon. It's not okay to have someone like that in a place with such vulnerable residents. Have you told to your case manager about this? Someone has to step in and do something soon. I hope your situation gets better.

Anonymous said...

Em, you are incredible. I read your blog from time to time, and it always makes me happy to see new updates. I hope things get better, and I hope you can spend more time with your animals.