Sunday, 25 November 2012

special olympics club

am finaly a fully fledged special olympics athelete.
staff cant remember which club it is we are going to without looking because we have quite a few around us,but am assuming its cheshire east.
found out that the majority of this clubs current members are wheelchair and power chair users but they are always looking for able bodied atheletes.
we wont get to start until january though as they have introduction training at several points throughout the year.

will be going with one other service user,it costs money but am going to be making sacrifices to pay for that as it gives something to work towards,plus hopefuly lose weight because am a fat bastard and wont ever be going near horses without losing it first.

its took long enough to join,the owner of the other cheshire club we were signing up for went on annual leave then holiday and never got back,only found out coming back from mums today that the other club had contacted.

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