Tuesday, 13 November 2012

fighting over the opposite gender-its a man thing

it was the white fella,AKA tito [named after the originaly profoundly autistic tito mukhopadhyay] ,in this shot:


kanner [named after leo kanner],or mr nipper as he is afectionatly known- imagine tourettes but with nipping that tears bits of flesh out and bleeds or creates deep bruises that dont go away for many many weeks-kanner does that to people on maximum,he has done it since he was about a week old.

poor tito had his face shredded at some point last night whilst he was inside the coop,as soon as got back from mums this afternooon had noticed titos feathered covered in dried blood and was told what had happened.
luckily he doesnt need vet or OTC treatment at this stage.

am told by one of the managers who was stood in the fag area having his fag break that special needs chuck; lorna [named after lorna wing]:
was helping tito gently clean the blood off his face and body.

am sending kanner to the farm as it will give tito the hens; lorna [named after lorna wing] and temple [have a guess who she was named after] to look after without having to compete.
and kanner will be a very lucky cockrel with a huge run and a coop with one duck and a load of poor hens for him to jump on and molest lovingly protect and look after.

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