Tuesday, 6 November 2012

painting a disabled serial killer

painted a picture with a theme to make people think the other day.
serial killers with developmental or intelectual disabilities.

one stuck out because liked his hair,painted it using some posh reeves water colour paints that sister had gave,was first time have ever used water colours as prefer acrylic paint but al ot of people like this one.

the autism and intelectual/learning disability have a profound effect on art of mine-in good ways and bad,woud do a lot more pictures if there wasnt so much effort and energy that goes into them,em had to be helped to choose skin colour because am blind to peoples physical individualities.
also had to make his eyes closed because of eye diffiulties,and also not able to draw using one hand;it has to be hand over hand to guide.

am not able to write so staff have wrote his name on it,the guy is called eddie lee mosley,his intelectual disability is genuine,here is story on him-

anyway here is pic-