Saturday, 3 November 2012

chickens at night

tonight the chuck chucks had a lot of messing about to get them their daily warm porridge before bed,had also got staff to put a teddy in the dryer so that we coud put it in with henny and keep her warm.
so we get out and start sharing out the porridge in all their dishes, and then.....
nobhead alert,fireworks were being thrown everywhere.
em kept smashing head off the side of the coop and going into meltdown sleep,was paralysed when woke up but not completely.
staff managed to restrain em into the house then had rest and got ear defenders on.

em had done some serious concusion damage to head the other day  and it was still swolen,add on top of it also head banging badly tonight so didnt like putting the helmet or ear defenders on but it was either that or let someone else do feed them but em do it every day.

em had left the laptop outside hoping to get some photos of the chucks because cam wasnt working,em love the chucks and never get to see them because of this stupid health and safety rule someone biased against chickens decided to put on them.

here are ems special babies;the ones that have got a major atachment to  though temple is a special baby to but she is the bottom of the pecking order in her coop and was currently being used as a stool by lorna at the time.

here is jim jims [also known as jimbo] with his fluffy trousers on.

and here is mr tito himself,the badass of the entire world or so he likes to act but he is a pussy cat and loves hugs and attention off em,he loves being babied.