Thursday, 20 May 2010

cancer free!

Today was the big day that had to go to hospital,to get the 'tit' lump seen to.
anyone who knows self will know how much of a living hell hospital is and not even the threat of a emergency sectioning from paramedics just to get self into hospital for quite serious head injury has been enough to was at a specialist cancer unit,the nightingale centre to be exact.
we had had a few visits last week and this week to get more settled with the idea,and one of the staff had took the camcorder to film the inside with so was able to see where was going to wait,the corridors etc.
the staff at the nightingale centre coudnt have been more nicer or helpful,they had been told about self having autism and all the issues woud have whilst there when they phoned to make the appointment- we were taken around the back way into one of the private and quiet 'garden rooms', which did not turn out to be a garden unfortunately, but was next to their garden.
was restraint walked tightly by both staff through the hospital,as was
attacking out a lot and having a stack of tics due to being there,it did help having that extra pressure from both as well but it didnt help with the extreme hospital smell which brought on the bad memories of hospital,it probably didnt help that was wearing steel toe capped boots either,good job no ones shins got in the way other than own.
had to have an ultrasound done,but got one of the staff to do it on their arm first,the pressure from the thing they use was nice but the jelly was one of the most painful things have ever felt [have got a sensory issue with liquid on skin].
we had to go back to the garden room to wait for doctor,so we all sat on the bed together-one of the staff mentioned that it actually had a remote thing which moves it up and down,so we sat there for ages just rocking whilst going up and down-it really helped distract,and staff got a video of it [cant put it on as it has staff in it but heres a photo:

Was nearly up close to the ceiling! was really wishing coud have one of these at home,what a ride.

The doctor then came in and said it wasnt cancer,it is a cyst and there is no chance of this turning into cancer.
He wanted to get some history of cancer/suspected 'tit' cancer- mum has had it,sister had a cyst last year and had a biopsy with hers [not cancer],and mums mum had the cancer terminally,for bits of fat and skin-they sure do cause people a lot of problems.

On the way out,was tranced by a line of those brand new three de TVs
they had different moving real scenery on them,but was stuck on the waterfall/river one,got to get one of those tvs,awesome!
Anyway,we went back out via garden again,got into car and took some photos of the glass on the side of the building which have no other word for it other than awesome:
we then rushed away as fast as possible,and was allowed a starbucks pickup on the way back because it had been very difficult.

though it was an extremely difficult day and torture to self,cannot fault the hospital staff for their understanding and home staff for all the help they did, as woudnt have been able to go in with anyone else.

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