Tuesday, 11 May 2010

KOed OK?

Head injury is shit.
Have had ongoing accute head injury going on since yesterday due to a lot of changes and noise,even staff coud not believe it but said had coped well,which is true,except the skull hasnt.

Today had been set off one time to many,and as soon as the noise near to self started was in severe pain-had gone into head banging the kitchen worktop and knocked self unconcious,then had had an abscence seizure,was greeted with the loudest tinnitus have ever experienced when finally came out of it all-it was actually deafening.
Eye sight is all over the place.
one of the side effects of lifelong HI [more so in adulthood due to constant issues through not living at home] has been to do with spelling-it has got a lot worse,am not dyslexic though often look it in posts.

Have not been able to access the main downstairs rooms apart from own bedroom,for a while as obvious equipment which had always been in a certain part of the room has been moved about,new sofas came yesterday with no warning,and had not been able to go into the kitchen till late today,as one of the kids decked the window in at the weekend and we had to have something covering it that [to self] changed the room entirely,they put a new window in today,saying the classic line that so many people say- 'dont worry,theres no noise at all,its just being put in the old ones place',the heavy constant banging from that triggered a meltdown, and headbanging had cut the side of head,as well as dented it.
Really wish people woud not lie,had asked over and over and over about noise and was told it was going to be quiet.
Am not even sure will be able to ride tomorrow because of the state head is in.

Am still ordering some sensory stuff from rompa along with the others,am allowed to get own safe space [a little fully padded box-room to put in bedroom,it is like a little sensory room inside it and is for when not feeling good.
Had wanted one from safespaces.co.uk but one of the kids have got one,and staff said they are not stiff and padded on the sides which is what need due to head banging/behavior etc.

Getting a bearhug vest [its called something like that],its made out of neoprene and the wide straps attaches over shoulders as tight as wanted to give bear hug pressure.

Getting a plastic rocking chair [no legs so easy to get into if have got todds paralysis],it is also store away so it can be put somewhere.

Getting a sensory swing [possibly hammock type,all depends].

Getting some new kooshballs.

Not sure on anything else yet.
Woud recommend checking out ROMPA to anyone-we have the catelogue here [nicked from the childrens side,of course,though cant be blamed for that one].

They have to pass it all by social worker,which just slows things down as he isnt one for answering,maybe thats a phobia that a lot of social workers happen to have.
Am also phobic of social worker,in the sense he always turns down stuff that is to help self,for stupid reasons,with sound proofing being the last one there.

Some medical stuff is on the list as well,and had wished for an awesome adults fibre optic vibrating ball pool [from rompa still] but they said have got no space for it.
We need an alphabet zoo type place with ball pools etc for adults! theres some for disabled adults but none local.

Anyway,thats enough moaning for tonight..

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