Sunday, 16 May 2010

changes to the blog

Have been writing this blog for years now,and there being nothing new-there is one service that is the cause of most of the problems had posted about.

These still affect self,even though have been living here,in a different service since November,and wasnt in the other home before moving in anyway as back in may they had blocked access by changing all the building colours and allowing one of the residents to get a pet budgie [loud squeaking noises that they had had written down not able to cope with] whilst was at mums/dads one weekend.

Am trying to move away from this,to stop getting stuck on bad memories like the one above have unknowingly just written,and because they are also partly what stop self from feeling settled here,so have decided to start anew sort of and unpublish all posts that are from before january this year,have wanted to do this for ages but did not have the strength for it as only know how to do it one by one.
Will put them back eventually when feel fully settled and do not find
thoughts being invaded by the problems of living in the other service.

May also put back the post comments sections-whatever they are called?,had taken them off some time ago because of several reasons,the main one being because rarely ever realised a reply had been posted and when had noticed it,did not have the communication /interaction energy to be able to reply,and do not think its right after someone spends the time and effort to put a post together.

May also be slightly changing the banner to if can edit it as do not have the unfinished version anymore,reason being it is of a very special old friend-GFB whom have not been able to see since not being back at the old home,its hard seeing him in picture but not been able to physically,dont even know how they're treating him if he still calls around there,because am not there to stop certain people being abusive to him to get him to go away [not residents].
If it is changed,the new banner will have Lottie,but not sure if have got any good enough photos for it yet.

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