Thursday, 6 May 2010

Doctor visit

The new doctor called around today,did not interact with him but did have a manager and keyworker in bedroom with self.

They think the lump is a cyst and need to go see a 'tit' specialist about it,so he is arranging that.
he is adding on a few extra ensure plus milkshakes per day,as he says one is not enough.
And he thinks am going to have to have an extra medication added on for the seizures as am already on the highest dose can be on for tegretol retard,but because am new to the GP,they do not have records so they are having to sort through all that first.

He recommended to staff that the redbull be cut down to one a day, as it can play a part in seizures due to having no food.

Ontop of all that,we're also looking at getting a lot of sensory stuff in here including swings and a padded cube safe room in bedroom, which is very awesome indeed.

Have been told am not allowed the hornby thomas and friends train set as well,because of the track being sharp and possibility that will use it on self,so as far as know,we are looking at getting a TOMY thomas set instead.

Hopefully,will be going out to order the car again tomorrow.

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