Monday, 24 May 2010

The tiring adventures of Lottie and Biscuit

This week and last week,Lottie and biscuit have been busy getting tired in the heat that is going on in the UK right now.
today,was at the farm to see Lottie and had brought her a treat [some ham] which she scoffed down with her posh food [part Iams wet food and part Applaws dry food] along with some whiskers kitty milk,by the time she was finished-she was tired out and came outside for a sunbathe-so got some photos of her.Here she is practicing her 'today,sesame street is sponsored by the wonky letter L' routine and the fine art of kitty yoga..........or she coud just be giving her crotch a wash.

Biscuit was in her tom cat avoiding panic room on saturday,but the doors were opened by dad as the heat is even worse that way,though she likes it hot,the silly cat,then again its the maine coon in her that does it.

Heres the photos-

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