Thursday, 13 May 2010


Today went ok.

Concussion has been bad [and still is] but managed to do horse riding today,went with probably one of the most understanding staff have ever had,she is one of a very few people in life who has not automatically judged everything based on the fact am able to speak in text well and use a computer well.

Jas was up to her old tricks,rearing her head and biting the RI when he tried to get her to move faster, watched as Rollo kept escaping and making a dive for the feed room,after the lesson held one of their new pups which just sat in arms shivering from the wind.

Went for starbucks afterwards,and then pets at home-got lottie a big bag of Applaws biscuits [chicken and salmon] and a big box of Iams saches,only the best for madam.

Ordered some pale blue and pale pink new shirts [not designer] off ebay,as well as some sports bras and a vest top that wear over them.
They were all needed as have got very few items left due to ripping them all.

The tit lump specialist people got in contact today,they are sorting out a quiet private room to wait in,a visit to there before the appointment day,and the appointment is next week.

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