Monday, 3 May 2010

Communication passport update

Today,staff were looking through the old 'communication passport' file that had been written years ago about self,by the then SALT of the time.
-communication passports are written for supported high needs service users under the learning disability team in social services.
As it was written every week for over a year,it went into more detail than any pyschologist type person ever woud,and he was an autism specialist-he knew more about self than even family.

The communication passport is still followed by staff/specialists today,even though it has rarely been updated so it confuses people when they see or are told different things to what the book says [such as being destructively hyperactive],which is why staff are now starting to update it.

it really does feel very strange hearing staff read it all out,and in some ways it is nice to hear of the goals have met by not having some bits of it anymore or on a lesser level,and the lack of awareness was showing of a lot of issues back then,but it was also very difficult because it was assessed in a time when was surrounded by abusive,neglectful and [some] advantage taking support staff,so it makes self look like a human hater,when am not [well not of all humans].

Diagnoses still havent been changed over from years ago,so they are having to trash that page and start again,and they are changing the photograph on the front of the file,because it is of self with one of the very first boys [rats] that had had from years ago,am a bit of a fat bastard on there to with long hair which does not look like self anymore,due to weighing less and having almost a skinhead,but also find it difficult seeing pictures of the boys as it brings back memories of the cancers they went through [something that has put self off ever having pet rats ever again,because of losing them so soon in such a bad way,as selfish as it sounds].

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