Monday, 31 May 2010

a goal has been reached...sort of

its bank holiday in the UK today,so what is quite unknown to horse riding shows,there have been a few today/monday,including the big warrington horse has been a goal to be able to go to a horse show [and not be dragged off by staff as soon as we get there],and the owner of this residential service is hugely horse mad,not forgetting has many horses and ponies on the farm and collects them like am collecting breyer model horses so she found out about this smaller show today also in cheshire,as the warrington one is to big for self to cope with.

had gone with staff,as well as one of the kids and staff from the childrens side,unfortunately though it had been to noisy to get out the car,because of the constant talking on loud we sat opposite the show jumping arena in the car and just watched those classes,as cars werent allowed further up.
service manager knew wasnt going to be able to come up to her truck,and brought the pony she was showing down to meet self,as he is a new boy which was awesome.

we watched a lot of 'jasmines' going past as well,so many skewbald and piebald cobs on show,and they all looked great without even having their manes done up.
had to miss out on the shop/stalls they had,because of not being able to get out,which had been hoping to do.
had also been offered to help lead the pony around as well before it was known how bad to ground was.

s/manager is now looking out for more accessible shows to go to with did fuck head up for the rest of the day,because am fed up of being unable to access stuff due to noise,had a very new pair of top of the range peltor ear defenders and earplugs but that made no difference.
its just lucky the warrington show was on at the same time,as most people had gone there. least had got there,and stayed for a while,did have meltdowns but they were not severe,no seizures.
got some photos and video of it,but being sat in the car,the fence got in the way most of the time,anyway-heres some photos:

still cannot stop laughing at this last photo,the lassie dog was walking up the path with his owner and stopped exactly opposite the car to have a poo,after trying to drag him and turning around,the owner noticed he was trying to have a crap and she turned away to watch the horses instead.
had had the camcorder fixed on that spot for the horses,only for lassie to walk in on it wanting a piece of the action, still cant stop laughing at it,staff dont agree with it though.

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